Passing scores on entrance exams for Specialty Group IV


September 25, Fineko/abc.az. On 23 September, the results of enrolment for higher educational institutions for academic year 2020/21 have been announced.

ABC.AZ reports that issue #7 of journal ‘Entrant’ has presented scores determined in some universities for Specialty Group IV:

The Azerbaijan Medical University (AMU) has the lowest score in the pharmaceutical specialty this year: 498. Physical therapy and medical rehabilitation - 522, Nursing - 443, Public Health - 518, Dentistry - 551, Medicine -540, Medicine (in English) - 655 scores.

The Baku State University (BSU) has the lowest score in the specialty Ecology - 211 and the highest score in the specialty Psychology - 492 scores.

The Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University has 239 scores in biology and 391 in chemistry.