List of permitted activities during curfew hours


September 28, Fineko/abc.az. The list of spheres that are allowed to operate during the curfew imposed in connection with the declaration of martial law on the territory of Azerbaijan has been defined.

ABC.AZ reports that during the curfew period it is allowed to work in the following spheres:

1. In the healthcare sector and the social sphere:

1.1. hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions;

2. In the field of infrastructure:

2.1. public utilities (sewerage and water supply, gas supply, heating, energy distribution);

2.2. electricity generation and supply;

2.3. water management & land reclamation;

2.4. telecommunications & communication services.

3. In the field of transport & logistics:

3.1. cargo transportation by air, sea, rail and road;

3.2. railway, sea, port and automobile services;

3.3. logistics services;

3.4. public transport activities.

4. The main types of production:

4.1. manufacture of defence industry products;

4.2. production of oil equipment and structures;

4.3. fabrication of foods and raw materials for them, supply, storage and wholesale sale of foods;

4.4. production of daily care and hygiene products;

4.5. fabrication of chemical products;

4.6. collection, production and processing of farm products, including activities of farms;

4.7. production, processing, storage and sale of oil & gas;

4.8. transportation of oil & gas via pipelines;

4.9. activities in the metallurgical industry;

4.10. production and  repair of construction & household appliances;

4.11. manufacture of packaging products;

4.12. production of machinery and equipment;

4.13. production of electrical equipment;

4.14. production of computer, electronic and optical products;

4.15. manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers;

4.16. production of other transport vehicles;

4.17. production of tobacco products;

4.18. production of other industrial products.

5. Retail & wholesale trade:

5.1. filling stations.

6. Household services:

6.1. collection & disposal of household waste.

7. Media.

8. Activities of educational institutions.

9. Measures to ensure the protection and technical safety of private legal entities that are not allowed to operate.