Passage of trucks going to Armenia blocked – Iran`s response to accusations


September 29, Fineko/abc.az. "The passage of Russian military equipment to Armenia from the border point of Norduz, located in the territory of the Iranian province of East Azerbaijan, does not correspond to reality. There is nothing like this," ABC.AZ reports, citing Alyar Rastgu, East Azerbaijan Province’s deputy governor for political & security affairs.

"In recent days, some individuals have distributed photos and videos on the Internet, claiming that Russian military equipment was sent to Armenia by KAMAZ trucks through the border points of East Azerbaijan province of Iran.

However, these vehicles did not carry military equipment. The footage distributed on social networks refers to trucks that Armenia received from Russia and that pass through the territory of Iran. But once again, there is no military equipment on those trucks. However, in order to prevent any misunderstandings or possible abuses, the movement of Russian trucks to Armenia through the Norduz customs point has been suspended. Currently, those trucks are placed in the parking lot of the Norduz customs point for appropriate and accurate checks," the Iranian official stressed.