Azerbaijani army captured a great deal of Armenian military equipment, the Armenian military destroyed


September 30, Fineko/abc.az. Soldiers of the Azerbaijani army captured several units of military equipment and vehicles of Armenians.

ABC.AZ reports that the Azerbaijani army conducted tactical combat and counter-offensive operations in response to the provocative attacks of the enemy's armed units. During the operation several Armenian soldiers were killed, and other Armenian soldiers who arrived to support them fled, abandoning their weapons, military equipment and cars.

In addition, the Armenians shelled residential areas and civilians along the front line. One of the thrown shells fell on an empty area in the village of Tapgaragoyunlu, the other - on the highway Naftalan-Gashalti-Tapgaragoyunlu. As a result, a projectile that fell on the highway damaged a VAZ-21011 car belonging to a civilian, but the projectiles did not cause damage or lead to human losses.

At present, the Armenians continue provocations along the front line, and the Azerbaijani army soldiers give the enemy a decent response.