Azerbaijan specifies grown exports list for Jan-Aug


October 1, Fineko/abc.az. Over the first 8 months of this year Azerbaijan’s export of fruit and vegetables reached $376.3 million, cotton $77.6 million, aluminium and its products $63.6 million, chemical industry $52.4 million, ferrous metals and products from them $31.5 million, copper and articles thereof $12.5 million, plastics and products from them $118.5 million, cotton yarns $11.3 million, alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages $8.4 million, sugar $11.5 million, vegetable & animal fats and oils $15 million, and tea $6.2 million.

ABC.AZ reports that the above-said figures are presented in September’s issue of journal Export Review of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms & Communications.

Export of fruits and vegetables grew by 4%, vegetable & animal fats by 28.9%, and tea by 0.2% against Jan-Aug 2019.