Weather forecast for 3 February


February 2, Fineko/ The weather will be changeable cloudy, occasionally rainless, in Baku and on the Absheron Peninsula tomorrow.

The Hydrometeorology Department of the Ministry of Environment & Natural Resources informs that weak mist is predicted in some places. Mild south-west wind will blow.

The temperature will be 0-3˚C at night, +8-12˚C in daytime on the Absheron Peninsula, 0-2˚C at night, +9-11˚C in the afternoon in Baku. Air pressure records 769 and relative humidity will be 65-75%.

Tomorrow the weather will be mostly rainy. Mist is predicted in some places in the morning in the regions of Azerbaijan. Eastern wind will blow. The temperature will be -2+3˚C at night, +10-15˚C in daytime, 5-10˚C of frost in mountains at night, +3-8˚C in the afternoon.



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