Data published on income from communications services for 2019


October 6, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan has unveiled the data on earnings from information & communications services for 2019.

ABC.AZ was informed at the State Statistics Committee that over the past year the country earned AZN 2.223 bn from information & communication services. Of them, AZN 912.17 million were received from mobile telephony, AZN 227.45 million from software development and consulting in this sphere, AZN 157.1 million from Internet services, AZN 117.46 million for information processing, activities related to the development and management of web pages, AZN 112.35 million from technical services to computer networks and other information services, AZN 89.213 million from broadcasting radio, TV and programming, AZN 65.713 million from urban and rural telephone communications, AZN 63.959 million from satellite communications, AZN 53.306 million from data transmission services, AZN 45.447 million from long–distance and international telephone communications, AZN 30.7 million from activities related to the production of films, videos and TV programs, AZN 29.65 million from publishing activities, AZN 319.69 million from other services.