Socar Polymer’s propylene plant to be launched in June


February 6, Fineko/ The propylene plant of Socar Polymer, which is now under construction at the Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park, will be put into operation in 2nd quarter of this year.

Vugar Aslanov, the head of Company’s Planning Department, says that the pre-launch trials are due to begin in April.

“As a whole, work is 97.2% complete: the detailed engineering is 99.9%, procurement is complete, procurement and deliveries are 99.6% complete and the construction scope is done by 93.4%,” he said.

He pointed out that it is planned for the plant to be on hold from October till 15 November because of the scheduled halt of the ethylene-propylene works of Azerkimya, the source of raw materials for the Socar Polymer plant.

The Company plans to produce 70,000-71,000 tons of propylene this year and reach the full designed production capacity of 180,000 tons next year.


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