Azerbaijan to sell gas to 3 countries via this pipeline for 25 years


October 13, Fineko/abc.az. BP welcomes the statement of the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) consortium about the successful completion of long-term efforts of Azerbaijan and other relevant governments, the European Commission, stakeholders from the public and private sector and several international financial institutions on development, construction of the Southern Gas Corridor and the connection of the components of the gas transportation to Europe.

ABC.AZ presents this statement:

"The operational testing of TAP and the connecting pipeline, scheduled to be completed by Snam Rete Gas this November, will allow the Shah Deniz Consortium to complete the last works on the supply of natural gas from Azerbaijan to Italy, Greece and Bulgaria for 25 years, as planned, until the end of 2020. Together with SOCAR, we are proud to be a shareholder in all transport components of the Southern Gas Corridor supply chain with length of about 3,500 km. This new gas transportation system will allow Azerbaijan to continue to contribute to strengthening the energy security of Georgia, Turkey and European countries by providing alternative energy sources."