List of states whose citizens visited Azerbaijan most of all for Jan-Sept


October 16, Fineko/abc.az. The State Statistics Committee has published the number of foreigners who paid visits to Azerbaijan for past 9 months.

ABC.AZ reports that over Jan-Sept 2020 the country was visited by 686,300 foreigners, including 28.1% from Russia, 24.9% from Georgia, 18.1% from Turkey, 8.3% from Iran, 2.1% from Ukraine, 1.8% from India, 1.7% from Saudi Arabia, 1.2% from the UAE, 1.1% from Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, 1.0% from Kuwait, 0.9% from the UK, 0.7% from Uzbekistan, Iraq and Belarus, 0.6% from Israel, 5.8% from other countries, and 0.1% of them were stateless.

78.7% of them were men and 21.3% – women.