Azerbaijan State Budget revenues published – 9-month report


October 21, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan State Budget revenues amounted to AZN 17.96 bn for Jan-Sept 2020.

ABC.AZ reports that this indicator is by AZN 206.5 million or 1.2% more than the forecast, compared with the same term of 2019 – AZN 1.09 bn or 6.5% more.

Over the past 9 months the State Tax Service under the Ministry of Economy received AZN 5.67 bn to the State Budget, which is by AZN 155.6 million or 2.8% more than the forecast, compared with Jan-Sept 2019 – AZN 63.8 million or 1.1%. Revenues from the non-oil sector make up 74.9% or AZN 4.249 bn, which is by AZN 321.1 million or 8.2% more than a year ago.