38.5% of budget expenditures were socially oriented


October 21, Fineko/abc.az. State Budget expenditures for Jan-Sept 2020 exceeded the forecast.

ABC.AZ informs that according to the Finance Ministry, State Budget expenditures made up 98.6% or AZN 18.6 bn for Jan-Sept 2020 (by AZN 1.95 bn or 11.7% more versus Jan-Sept 2019).

Over the past 9 months the treasury authorities fully and promptly financed their obligations on the expenditure orders of budget organizations. According to the economic classification, 38.5% of budget expenditures or AZN 7.17 bn were socially oriented expenditures (by 21.8% or AZN 1.28 bn more against Jan-Sept 2019).