Join the fight against Covid if you want to support our army


October 22, Fineko/abc.az. The State has constructed modular hospitals and brought artificial lung ventilation devices. But there is a resource that is very difficult to bring to the country. I mean medical professionals, ABC.AZ reports, citing Yagut Garayeva, TƏBIB department head, as saying this in an interview for TV channel AzTV.

She noted that it takes years to become a professional resuscitator, pulmonologist.

"So everyone should be careful and follow the rules.

Currently, 209 patients are in intensive care. 18 of them are connected to a ventilator. Each of us should feel responsible for this. We have a sufficient number of inpatient beds. Any doctor can control them, but a patient connected to a ventilator must be examined by a resuscitator. I especially appeal to our young people. They believe they will carry the disease easily. But everyone in the house has elderly people with chronic diseases.

Therefore, young people should carefully approach this matter. Whoever wants to support our army, our victory, let them join the fight against Covid. As we have to distribute our resources,” Garayeva said.