Azerbaijan`s head: Footage we show is a small part of what happens


October 29, Fineko/abc.az. Russian news agency Interfax has taken an interview from President Ilham Aliyev.

ABC.AZ reports that a range of matters was raised by the Azerbaijani leader in the course of the interview.

President Aliyev noted that even the footage they show on the Internet is actually a very small part of what is happening.

"This is what we can show. You can see how many tunnels they have dug for themselves there. It's just some rodents. They have dug through everything they could. They have many kilometers of tunnels that communicate with each other. Rat holes they go into as soon as they hear a noise. There is a rat hole near each artillery piece. Therefore, without modern technology, it would be very difficult to destroy it. And this would lead to a large number of victims.

We have destroyed so many grad installations. And in this case, unmanned aircrafts, both Turkish and Israeli drones, of course, helped us a lot. We destroyed S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems. At least, six of them. Plus, we use modern unmanned aerial vehicles, which are able both strike and conduct reconnaissance themselves. They also give the coordinates of the artillery that strikes. So, of course, this is an important factor in our success. But, as I said, the land is liberated by Azerbaijani soldiers and officers and precisely they hoist Azerbaijani flag on the ground. Therefore, this is all our property, and it is no coincidence that the Azerbaijani army is considered one of the most battle-worthy. And after this war, I’m aware of this experience is already being studied. In general, this experience will be useful for many countries to plan future military construction activities, and even for us. I recently held a meeting with the military at the Ministry of Defence, and I said that along with the successes, we should also analyze the omissions. And in the future, when we buy military equipment, we will proceed from the experience of what we needed now, and what was just left unused in warehouses," the head of state said.