Baku by-pass railway line to be extended to Baku international airport


February 9, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan Railways (ADY) has revised the plan on construction of the Baku by-pass railway line in compliance with the relevant presidential task.

ADY chair Javid Gurbanov has stated that the railroad from the Baku railway station to the railway stations Balajari, Sumgait and Khirdalan is operating now.

"Also, ADY is now working on expansion of the Baku by-pass railroad to cover the Bakikhanov, Zabrat-1, Zabrat-2, Pirshagi, Novkhani, Sumgait railway stations. In the opposite direction this road will run to Mashtaga country settlement, and another branch will be laid to Dubendi, and in connection with the dismantling of the Pirallahi bridge the line will be laid to the Zira settlement," Gurbanov said.

He pointed out that ADY has plans to improve transportation of passengers to/from suburban villages. Earlier there were only summer houses and now people live in these areas permanently.

"We are also planning to construct a railroad to Bina settlement and thus solve the question of construction of a railway line to the Baku international airport," he said.

The ADY chair stated that it is planned to build 23 new railway stations and reconstruct 107 km of railroads in Baku.


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