Azerbaijan prosecutor`s office initiates a criminal case against French terrorist group`s leader who arrived in occupied lands of Karabakh


November 4, Fineko/abc.az. The Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan has conducted an investigation on the basis of the information found in the mass media and social media and PGO Investigation Department’s gathered materials on the criminal acts, committed in the territory of Azerbaijan by French citizen Marc de Cacqeray-Valmenier-in, the leader of French extremist group Zouaves Paris (ZVP) and a major instigator of violence in Paris, calling himself a fascist on social media and using the symbols of the “SS” fascist organisation and others.

ABC.AZ was informed at the PGO that with the support of Armenia’s relevant governmental agencies the members of criminal group arrived in Armenia in October 2020, entered into criminal relations with other persons in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan and came to Khankendi city and other occupied settlements, illegally crossing the internationally recognized state border of Azerbaijan without established documents and outside the checkpoints of the state border, i.e. through the territory of Armenia.

It was also established that they were used as mercenaries by the Armenian political-military leadership against the civilians of Azerbaijan and the armed forces engaged in anti-terrorist operations.

In addition, members of the organization with special cruelty and in common dangerous ways, with the intention of national hostility committed numerous crimes against civilians not participating in military operations in different regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan by opening fire with the use of ammunition and military equipment. Explosions, fires or other acts jeopardizing public order were committed. It was revealed that they were involved in terrorist activities against the citizens of Azerbaijan by threatening to commit acts for the above purposes.

The Azerbaijani Prosecutor General's Office has initiated a criminal case on the occasion.