BHOS to train information security specialists


Alongside the rapid development of information and communication technologies and an easier access to information, the number of illegal interventions in this area is also increasing today. This makes the problem of the information protection and security one of the most serious challenges for states, societies and people. These issues are also of utmost importance for Azerbaijan, as the country quickly develops and implements advanced information and communication technologies and more actively introduces modern optical fiber transmission and communication system. In this regard, there is an increasing need for high-qualified specialists who are capable to combat cybercrime and hacker attacks and to effectively protect information and communication systems, technologies and resources.

Taking into consideration the public demand, Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) will start training of information security specialists. Currently, the management carries out preparatory activities and takes necessary administrative and organizational measures for admission of the new students. The teaching process will be arranged in according with international standards to ensure that future professionals possess the qualifications, which meet the requirements for information security specialists at the labor market.

The Baku Higher Oil School is involved in training and education of the professionals in Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Process Automation Engineering. The BHOS curriculum is developed based on educational programs of the world leading universities, and all lessons are taught in English by experienced Azerbaijani and foreign teachers with usage of the latest technological advances.


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