Azerbaijan Prosecutor General`s Office initiates a criminal case against these terrorist groups


November 13, Fineko/abc.az. The Azerbaijani Prosecutor General's Office has launched an investigation of the crimes committed against Azerbaijan by members of the PKK-PYD-YPG terrorist organizations living in different parts of Iraq, as well as by a citizen of the Lebanese Republic named Vartkes and others.

ABC.AZ was informed at the PGO that the investigation established that a group of PKK-PYD-YPG terrorist organizations living in different parts of Syria, Lebanon and the Republic of Iraq upon the call by Aslan Murad Vartanyan, Bese Hozat and others, under the leadership of Livan Karadagh, Hemaran Kervachian, Sarvat Bagopshin in March-April 2016 and September-November 2020, as well as Vartkes, a citizen of the Lebanese Republic, and others in October 2020 entering into criminal relations with persons in Armenia and the occupied territories of Azerbaijan illegally crossed the internationally recognized state borders of Azerbaijan without valid travel documents and outside the checkpoints, i.e. through the territory of Armenia. It was found that they visited the city of Khankendi and other occupied settlements, and were are used as mercenaries by the political-military regime of Armenia in the aggressive war against civilians and the armed forces of Azerbaijan carrying out anti-terrorist operations.

The Prosecutor General's Office of Azerbaijan has initiated criminal cases on the facts.