MP: Production to increase almost 8-fold after restoration in liberated territories


November 23, Fineko/abc.az. Last year, the Nagorno-Karabakh economic region produced products for AZN 637.7 million, including Agdam for AZN 172.934 million and Fizuli for AZN 138.65 million.

ABC.AZ reports that the statement was made by MP Vugar Bayramov, when analyzing the economic potential of our lands liberated from occupation. He noted that products for AZN 97.838 million produced in Kelbajar-Lachin economic district, which covers 4 districts. 


"This production also was carried out at the expense of departments and enterprises located in some of those districts in the populated localities controlled by us and at the expense of departments and enterprises located in other districts of Azerbaijan. The share of Upper Karabakh, which covers 7 districts, in the production of products in the main sectors of the country's economy is 0.7% and Kelbajar-Lachin only 0.1%. This means that the share of our territories that were under occupation for a long time in the overall economy was not expressed in any full figures. I would like to note that the Khachmaz district produced products equal to the volume of production of all the occupied districts. The production of some of our districts was even greater. Taking into account the existing potential of our territories liberated from occupation, after the restoration stage, production in these districts will be increased almost by 8 times in the shortest possible time," the MP emphasized. 


By Elmir Murad