Internal Affairs Ministry: It is forbidden to remove mask in open air to drink water or smoke


November 23, Fineko/abc.az. In crowded areas, in front of ATMs, in queues in the open air, you can not remove your masks to smoke, drink water or eat, ABC.AZ reports with reference to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in connection with the application of a fine for smoking in the open air. 

“But in parks where there are no crowds, it is not forbidden to smoke, drink water, eat. Citizens can only use this if necessary. After drinking water, eating, the mask should be immediately put on, while covering the nose and mouth. However, it is recommended to smoke in certain designated areas. 

On the street, in parks, those who smoke away from people will not be fined. Preliminary data are warnings of a recommendatory nature to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic," the Ministry informed.