World`s first antibacterial smartphone to go on sale next year


November 24, Fineko/abc.az.The world's first antibacterial smartphone has been released in the UK.

ABC.AZ reports that the smartphone is coated with silver ions.

The world's first phone with an antibacterial coating was created by Bullit Group specialists.

"Cat S42" was placed in a case with silver ions to prevent the spread of microbes and the growth of pathogens. It is noted that due to silver ions, 80% of the bacteria falling on the phone will be destroyed within 15 minutes, and 99.99% will disappear within 24 hours. The phone will be waterproof, so you can safely wash it with soapy water with a sponge or under the tap. It is reported that the phone to cost £ 229 in the UK will not go on sale until early 2021.