List of minerals of Kelbajar


November 25, Fineko/abc.az. Occupation-liberated Kelbajar district is rich in minerals, including gold and chromium deposits.

ABC.AZ reports that industrial mercury reserves are located in the Shorbulag and Agyatag fields.

On the territory of the district there are reserves of minerals of industrial significance. Among them are exploited gold deposits, mercury deposits with more than 200 tons of industrial reserves, a tuff deposit suitable for the production of sawn stone, a clay deposit suitable for the production of bricks, a deposit of perlite used as a light concrete filler, a facing stone deposit, a sand and gravel mixture deposit, 4 marble onyx deposits (with reserves of 801 tons), which is distinguished by its decorative beauty, 1 obsidian deposit, 1 larch deposit. The mercury deposit, whose industrial reserves are registered in the state balance sheet, is called Levchay and is located in the ore region of Kelbajar.

Mercury reserves in other deposits in the area have dried up due to exploitation.