Azerbaijan made 88% of compensation payments on 4 liquidated banks


November 27, Fineko/abc.az. From 16 June to 24 November 2020 the Azerbaijan International Bank paid more than AZN 225.48 million of compensation to depositors of AGBank and NBCBank which are in the process of liquidation.

ABC.AZ reports that according to the Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund, 4,481 depositors of AGBank were compensated for AZN 105.35 million and 4,094 depositors of NBCBank for AZN 120.13 million.

From 1 June to 24 November more than AZN 372.06 were compensated to depositors of Amrahbank (AZN 138.03 million to 5,689 depositors) and Atabank (AZN 234.03 million to 9,615 depositors).

The total amount of compensation paid is AZN 676.1 million. As of 24 November 23,879 depositors have been paid over AZN 597.5 million. Thus, 88.4% of compensation has been paid.