Foreign Affairs Ministry: Armenian FM must return from dream world to reality


December 4, Fıneko/abc.az. Unlike the Armenian Leadership, the Azerbaijani president knows very well for what each document he signed serves not only at the current stage, but even in the long term prospect. And this is demonstrated by the head of state not only in words, but also in concrete actions.

ABC.AZ reports that the above-said is stated in the comments of Azerbaijani Foreign Affairs Ministry’s press service to the interview of Armenian FM Ara Ayvazyan given for news agency Armenpress.

It was noted that the Armenian FM, no matter how bitter it may sound, should return to reality: "The destructive position that the Armenian side has demonstrated for many years, which is contrary to international law, has dragged this country into the abyss. The Armenian government should draw conclusions from recent events and accept the new realities in the region."