The project for entrants – “One-day student”


UNEC is continuing its “One-day at UNEC” project, which is too popular among the pupils.

The goal of the “One day at UNEC” project, which gives the pupils the chance to become “one-day student” is to get to know more closely the 10-11-th grade pupils with the university. At the same time, is to give advices to the pupils in the speciality choice, and create the conditions for their participation as the listener in the lectures on the specialized subjects.

Within the autimn semester 500 pupils from 32 schools participated in the project “One day at UNEC” project. The pupils were presented the symbiloc student identification card and they attended the classes on their chhosen speciality. At the same time, the one day students were in the infotour at UNEC.

Wishing to participate in the “One day at UNEC” project can call to the landline number 497-58-63, or can contact with the official Facebook page of UNEC.

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