Azerbaijani leader: Every day I approved the battle plans


December 24, Fineko/abc.az. The liberation of Gubadli district and the city of Gubadli gave us a great strategic advantage, as the next direction after Gubadli was Lachin district.

ABC.AZ reports that the relevant statement was made by President Ilham Aliyev during his trip to Gubadli.

"Every day plans of military operations were endorsed by me. Every day I summed up the work and analyzed the question: to what extent work done for the day work in line with our plans and what successes we have achieved?

The road from Gubadli to the southern part of Lachin district was constantly shelled, as the road to Lachin district runs right along the state border of Armenia, where the distance is, one might say, 10-20 meters, and Armenia constantly opened fire from that side. Therefore, our military units, overcoming the mountains by various other ways, trails, located on the strategic heights of Lachin district.

Thus, the Gulabird, Safiyan, and Turklyar villages located in the southern part of Lachin district were liberated, and at the same time, after the capture of strategic heights, this gave us the opportunity to have the Lachin corridor already come under fire," President Aliyev said.