Azercell launches digital campaign for its subscribers!


December 30, Fineko/abc.az.  Azercell subscribers use their favorite applications on the eve of the New Year without caring about internet costs! Thus, the country's leading mobile operator congratulates all its subscribers on occasion of the upcoming Day of Solidarity of World Azerbaijanis and New Year holiday, providing an opportunity to use Bookmate Plus, Busuu, SberZvuk and NNTV services with no data consumption until January 21, 2021.

It is quite straightforward to subscribe to the applications offered by Azercell, which has the richest portfolio of digital products in the country.

Just dial *511#YES or *533#YES for daily and monthly subscription, respectively, and enjoy Bookmate Plus service, which makes reading more accessible to all book lovers, offering unlimited opportunities to read or listen to audio versions of world literature in Azerbaijani, Turkish, English, Russian and other languages.

Busuu service is designed for subscribers who want to learn foreign languages and develop language skills. To activate the app on your phone, all you need is to dial *696#YES for daily or *969#YES for monthly subscription.  

The company also offers SberZvuk service for music lovers, which brings the latest tracks to your phone.  You should dial *701#YES for daily subscription or *707#YES for monthly activation of the app.

To activate the NNTV service, which allows users to watch more than 200 TV channels online and in high quality, simply dial *401#YES for daily subscription, and *430#YES for monthly subscription. It should be added that Azercell, which is always focused on the convenience of its subscribers, also offers special packages for this service. For more information please go to: https://www.azercell.com/en/personal/services/partner_services/mobiltv.

 It should be noted that, in order to take advantage of Azercell's New Year campaign, the subscriber's line must be active in both directions, with at least 1 AZN on the balance, and most importantly, the internet line must be active as well.

For detailed information about the campaign, please visit


To learn more about Azercell’s digital products, please go to: https://www.azercell.com/en/personal/services/partner_services/.

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