Tariff Council decides if to increase prices for gasoline and diesel


January 5, Fineko/abc.az. The Tariff Council of Azerbaijan conducted a regular meeting on 4 January.

ABC.AZ reports that the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) appealed to the Tariff Council with a proposal to increase retail prices for natural gas, AI-92 gasoline and diesel fuel.

SOCAR's appeal justifies the increase in retail prices for AI-92 motor gasoline and diesel fuel by bringing the quality of those products up to high European standards, improving the ecological environment, and further work on the reconstruction and modernization of the oil refining industry. It is planned to bring diesel fuel into full compliance with the Euro-5 standard until June 2022 and motor gasoline AI-92 until June 2023.

At the meeting, the retail price of AI-92 motor gasoline was determined at the level of 1 manat and diesel fuel at 80 gepiks per liter.