Clashes in U.S. - 4 people killed


January 7, Fineko/abc.az. Washington authorities confirmed the deaths of four people during protests in front of the U.S. Congress building on Wednesday.

ABC.AZ reports that this was announced at a press conference by Robert Contee, the head of the metropolitan police.

He confirmed the death of one woman from a gunshot wound received in the Congress building, and also reported three other deaths, without specifying the causes of death of these people.

"52 arrests were made. In particular, four detentions relate to carrying a weapon without a license, one arrest for possession of a prohibited weapon. 47 people were detained for violating curfew and illegal entry [into the territory]. 26 detentions of this number occurred near the Capitol building," Contee said.

According to Conti, law enforcement officers found two homemade bombs: one in the office of the Democratic Party, the other in the office of the Republican Party.

In addition, he noted that 6 weapons were seized.

The authorities of the metropolitan district of Columbia resorted to the introduction of a curfew amid the unrest in the city. The current U.S. president, Republican Donald Trump, addressed his supporters who gathered at a rally at the White House on Wednesday, after which the crowd moved to the Congress building. At a joint meeting of both chambers of the legislative body, the results of the vote of the electoral college, which on 14 December announced the victory of Democrat Joseph Biden in the last presidential election, were to be approved.

The procedure had to be interrupted after the protesters broke into the Capitol building: law enforcement officers initially failed to restrain the flow of people. As a result, the police guarding the Congress used firearms, wounding a woman. She later died in hospital. Later, three more deaths were reported: one woman and two men.

The curfew began at 6 pm on local time in Washington and will last till 6 am on 7 January.