Firdovsi Fikretzadeh: Recovery of viticulture in Jebrail and Zangelan holds great promise


January 12, Fineko/abc.az. Firdovsi Fikretzadeh, the director of the Agricultural Research Center has commented on the prospects of agriculture in the territories liberated from the Armenian occupation.

ABC.AZ reports that the director noted that the sericulture industry is suitable for the region.

"During the Soviet era, Khankendi also had such an enterprise as the Sheki Silk Factory. After the restoration of the tradition of sericulture, the prospect of silk production will appear.

The region also has great potential in cotton growing. Cotton crops may be expanded in the Agdam and Fizuli districts. Those districts also have great potential in the raising of vegetables, including onions. The Jebrail and Zangilan districts had a tradition of viticulture, the restoration of which again promises great prospects. And fruit growing will become a new trend for the Karabakh region. In those districts you can grow pomegranates and persimmons, which do not require much watering and have export prospects," Fikretzadeh emphasized.