A hydroelectric power plant under construction in Lachin – work approaches to end


January 14, Fineko/abc.az. The small hydroelectric power plant Gulabird with capacity of 8 MW, located on the territory of Lachin district, is undergoing renovation & restoration works which are now at stage of completion.

ABC.AZ reports that at the same time, the pipe that has become unusable after the hostilities is being restored. Water from the Hakari River is supplied via this pipe to the hydraulic units.

As a result of the work carried out on a rotational basis, it is planned to put the Gulabird power plant into operation in the near future. Special teams, contractors and specialists are involved for this purpose.

Initially, the 10 kV voltage generated by the generator at Gulabird small hydroelectric power station will be transmitted to the nearby military units in Lachin and Gubadli, and in the future, via a high-voltage line to a new 110 kV substation to be built in Gubadli.