Azerbaijan can sell tomatoes to one more country


January 15, Fineko/abc.az. Neighboring Russia is the most profitable market for tomato producers in Azerbaijan from angle of logistics and prices.

ABC.AZ reports that Fuad Jafarov, the director of the Azerbaijan Export & Investment Promotion Foundation (Azpromo).

"Entrepreneurs who deliver their products to Russia in a short time and sell them at a high price are not interested in exporting tomatoes to the Gulf countries that are far away and have a low price, including Dubai, the UAE. Moreover, large tomatoes, such as Shamkir, are not sold so often in Dubai. They mostly prefer cluster tomatoes, and eventually the products come to the Dubai market from countries such as Turkey, Morocco.

Azerbaijani tomatoes can take their place in the Ukrainian market. True, in this country we have to compete with tomatoes from Turkey, which are sold cheaper, but we constantly receive offers from Ukraine. Although our tomatoes are expensive. But since these products are known in Ukraine, they can be sold there. And this again requires time and marketing," Jafarov said.