List of countries whose citizens visited Azerbaijan in 2020


January 22, Fineko/abc.az. Last year, 795,700 people from 155 countries visited Azerbaijan.

ABC.AZ reports that Azerbaijan was visited by citizens from the following countries in 2020: Russia 28.3%, Georgia 23.2%, Turkey 20.2%, Iran 9.1%, Ukraine 2.1%, India 1.6%, Saudi Arabia 1.5%, Kazakhstan 1.1%, Pakistan, UAE and Turkmenistan 1.0%, Kuwait and England 0.9%, Belarus 0.8%, Uzbekistan and Iraq by 0.7%, Israel 0.5%, Germany and Italy by 0.4%, citizens of other countries 4.5%, and stateless persons 0.1%.

The cause of the sharp decline in indicators is the coronavirus pandemic, which also had a serious impact on the statistics of foreign tourism. In 2020, the number of Azerbaijani citizens who visited Iran decreased 6-fold, Georgia 5.2-fold, Russia 4.5-fold, and Turkey 3.3-fold.