New turnstiles to be installed at Baku Metro stations


February 27, Fineko/ The Baku Metro Company is taking measures to bring the quality up to international standards and is studying international experience within that framework.

The BMC reports that turnstiles of new type are installed at metro stations after reconstruction in accord with the agreement with Turkish company KentKart EGE Elektronik.

"The new turnstiles have been purchased these days and with the purpose to study specific software to manage them the group of Baku Metro employees has been sent to Turkish city Izmir. The metro delegates have studied the general principle of operation of turnstiles, the software of control unit, the mechanism of operation, and regulation of optical sensors," the BMC said.

Upon completion of training courses in Izmir the Baku Metro employees received special certificates.

From 8 August 2015 the Baku Metro began the application of single transport payment card and installing modern turnstiles at the reconstructed stations.



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