Azerbaijani leader: It’s no secret that today there are such professions that to be outdated in 5 years


January 26, Fineko/abc.az. Our non-oil industry has grown even during the pandemic, and significantly.

ABC.AZ reports that President Ilham Aliyev said this while receiving Rashad Nabiyev in a video format on the occasion of his appointment as Minister of Transport, Communications and High Technologies.

"Last year, our non-oil industry grew by 12.5%. At the expense of what? Technological development, industrialization, investments, concessional lending, public-private partnerships - all these factors have played their role. In the fields of technology and telecommunications, many local companies have already appeared, operating both in Azerbaijan and abroad. We must support them. We must support their activities abroad, and here the public-private partnership should be an example. This area is crucial for any country, and I can say for the future of every country. Those who have gone ahead in technological development will win and those who have fallen behind will remain in a dependent position. It is no secret that today there are some professions that will disappear in five years, that is, they will not exist. There will be new professions, and we must be ready to master them. We must be ready for the human resources potential to allow the ongoing industrialization in the world, in particular, the processes associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to constantly ensure the development of Azerbaijan," the president said.