Azercell brings next international recognition to Azerbaijan!


February 1, Fineko/ Azercell Telecom, the country's leading mobile communications provider, has long been in the spotlight of international institutions and organizations in terms of its role in telecommunications, service quality, community and human development.

This time, the company was awarded the highest level of accreditation - PLATINUM certificate following the evaluation on 9 key performance indicators of the Investors in People (IIP) Standard, as a mark of strong leadership, sustainable corporate culture and continuous development of people management practices.

The IIP Standard measures and encourages building the principles such as the improvement of the company performance, the availability of modern development opportunities for human recourses, their involvement in the decision-making process and effective management focused on employee capacity. Azercell is the first company in our country to receive a Platinum certificate, and the only entity in the CIS with this level of recognition. It is worth noting that the Platinum certificate is the highest level of evaluation by the accreditation center, and currently only 2% of companies in the world have been awarded this status.

Azercell Telecom has applied best international practice in both corporate governance and human capital management from the very first day of its establishment. All processes, procedures and the current management system of the company are in line with the latest international practices. For the first time, our company met all the requirements and received the same certificate in 2004, the Silver one in 2011 and 2014, and the Gold in 2018. With the Platinum Certificate, Azercell proved once again at the international level that it manages its employees at a high level with strong performance. It should be noted that during 1996-2020, the Company invested a total of $ 25,886,353 in the development of  human capital.

Launched in 1991 in the UK, "Investors in People" is the only internationally recognized standard in people management. At present, the internationally recognized Standard covers 66 countries and over 50,000 companies worldwide.


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