Azercell Business introduces new unlimited internet for its corporate clients


February 1, Fineko/ Azercell Business has developed a unique unlimited offer in the market with a limitless usage quota for its customers considering the growing demand for mobile internet. Specifically, created to meet any business needs, new GigaMax unlimited internet packages will enable subscribers to upload and download large files, hold video conferences and use the internet with fast connectivity and low latency. Unlimited internet packs mean no concerns about data traffic limits and simplicity, enabling predictable costs without worrying about extra mobile data charges.  

Offered for the first time in the local market by Azercell Business, the new product includes three types of internet packages specifically tailored for a wide range of mobile data needs:

GigaMax, an affordable and limitless internet package with up to 1 Mbps speed limit is offered for only 9.90 AZN per month. This package is ideal for worry-free web browsing, instant messaging, managing your e-mail, and fulfilling any other mobile data-driven basic business needs.

GigaMax+, an unlimited internet package that you can rely on, always stay in contact, and control your business wherever you are, provides up to a 5 Mbps speed limit of 19.90 AZN per month. GigaMax+ is suitable for sharing and downloading large files, as well as managing your company’s web page and its presence on social media.

GigaMax Pro, the internet package bringing maximum possible speed to meet all your business requirements, allows subscribers to benefit from the fastest and unlimited internet for a monthly payment of only 49.90 AZN. Subscribers can make the most of all features provided by this internet package to drive their business forward.

With new GigaMax Unlimited Internet packages, Azercell Business customers will take advantage of the unlimited opportunities without any concern about the volume of downloaded data and any extra mobile data charges.

GigaMax unlimited offering is another initiative by Azercell Business to support the effective and efficient digital transformation of its customers’ business.  

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