Baku gets in Top 3 of most popular CIS cities among tourists for 8 March


March 1, Fineko/ Hotel booking service has revealed the most popular cities of the CIS for Russians for traveling within the holiday weekend in March. reports that the rating was made on the basis of reservation of hotels and apartments.

"Minsk, Astana, Baku, Yerevan and Brest are in Top 5 of CIS cities for Russian tourists for their trips on the holiday weekend of March," the website says.

According to, tourists book accommodation in Baku for March holiday for an average of three nights and pay 3,400 rubles a day and in Minsk 3,000 rubles a day (2.5 nights). The cheapest accommodation in the cities of Top 5 is in Brest (2,000 rubles a day).

In Russia there will be four festive days-off in a row from 8 to 11 March 2018.

Top 5 of CIS cities which are popular for tourist destination on the 8th of March:

1. Minsk - 3,000 rubles /2.5 nights *

2. Astana - 3,500 rubles/ 2 nights

3. Baku - 3,400 rubles /3 nights

4. Yerevan - 2,800 rubles/3 nights

5. Brest – 2,000 rubles/1.5 nights

*The average accommodation costs per day/average number of booked nights is this is the leading Russian website for online booking of hotels, apartments and houses for travel and recreation.