High fee for tender participation repels companies


February 17, Fineko/abc.az. Currently, public procurement from AZN 5,000 up to AZN 50,000 relates to the quotation segment, ABC.AZ reports citing Mammad Abbasbeyli, deputy head of the State Service for Antimonopoly Control & Consumer Market Supervision.

He noted that it is planned to increase this segment up to AZN 100,000, and requests for quotations will also be conducted through an e-portal.

According to Abbasbeyli, one of the innovations in the new draft law on public procurement is the optimization of tender participation fees:

"One of the reasons why companies are reluctant to participate in tenders is the high participation fee. There are tenders that are small in volume, but have a very high participation fee, which pushes companies away. In addition, there is no confidence in the transparency of the process," Abbasbeyli said.