Azerbaijan marks Su Chershenbesi today


February 23, Fineko/abc.az. The day of ‘Su Chershenbesi’ (Water Tuesday) is being celebrated today in Azerbaijan within spring holiday Novruz Bayrami.

ABC.AZ reports that this Tuesday is also called ‘Ezel Chershenbe’ and ‘Sular Novruzu’.

On the day of ‘Su Chershenbesi’ the waters and springs are renewed, the arches are put in order, the swimming pools are improved, and various water-related holidays are organized. At dawn, everyone goes to the water, washes, splashes water on each other, jumps on top of the water, splashes water on the wound. According to popular belief, those who pass through the "new water" on the day of ‘Su Chershenbesi’, give it all their illnesses and will not get sick during the year.