State Traffic Police appeals to drivers


March 2, Fineko/abc.az. The Main Department of the State Traffic Police has once again appealed to the drivers.

ABC.AZ reports that there has been an increase in traffic intensity on the roads at the entrances to the capital on certain days of the week, especially in the morning hours of the day.

"The analysis of the current situation shows that, despite the developed road infrastructure of the capital, one of the main causes of the formation of traffic density is that some drivers go on the road in faulty cars. So, stopping a car on the roadway due to running out of fuel or another malfunction leads to the stop of hundreds of other vehicles moving in the same lane. Even with a larger expansion of the roads, there will still be no effect. Since the violation of these requirements, along with the violation of the rights of other road users to use the roads, entails administrative liability. In view of this, drivers and responsible persons who have committed this type of offense will be brought to strict administrative measures," the STP Main Dept stated.