Central Bank decides to keep discount rate at same level


March 19, Fineko/abc.az. The Board of the Central Bank has taken a decision to keep the parameters of the interest rate corridor unchanged.

ABC.AZ reports that the discount rate was kept at the level of 6.25%, the lower threshold of the interest rate corridor at 5.75%, and the upper one at 6.75%.

"This decision was made with taking into account the latest trends in inflation, the possible impact of cost and demand factors on prices in the short- and medium-term prospect.

The analysis shows that there was no significant change in the balance of inflation risks between the factors.

Growth of prices for oil, that is a stabilizing factor, an improved external balance, exchange rate stability, which is the main political anchor, weak recovery in economic activity balance the growth of world food prices, which is a deterrent, countercyclical fiscal policy and the expected monetary expansion, " the Central Bank said in a statement.