Azer Turk Bank Nakhchivan branch to move into new office

14:49 - 6 March 2018

Nakhchivan branch of state-owned Azer Turk Bank is reopened at a new location.

In frames of the development of regional service network concept of the Bank, this branch is transferred to the new two-storied building located on one of the central streets. Taking these steps the Bank aims to increase customer comfort and create conditions for high-quality and efficient banking services. The interior of the new building includes design aesthetics and easement as well as answers all modern quality standards.

Here customers can hold cash transactions, deposit and loan operations, money transfers, make various payments, exchange transactions, etc.

The new office has all necessary conditions and possibilities for providing its customers high-quality banking services.

75 percent of shares of Azer Turk Bank, performing in Azerbaijan since 1995, belongs to the state.

More information about the Bank, its service network, products and services is available at, the Bank’s corporate pages at social networks or at (012) 945 Call Center.