Switch to Azercell’s 4G network, get 5GB data as a bonus!


Azercell Telecom, the leading mobile operator and provider of the largest 4G network in the country, is pleased to launch a new campaign aimed to encourage all subscribers to use 4G service.  Now, the company provides all its subscribers with 5GB data for free. Subscribers need to join 4G service and text “4” to 2525 to benefit from the campaign. With 5GB data provided under the campaign, subscribers will be able to experience 4G speed. For more information about the campaign, please visit www.azercell.com.

It should be noted that in order to join 4G service and enjoy high speed internet, you need to have 4G-backed phone and 4G SIM card and 4G option in phone settings. If your SIM card does not support 4G, you may visit Azercell Customer Service offices and obtain 4G SIM cards for FREE.

Azercell, the first provider of 4G services in the country, which aims to provide all regions of Azerbaijan with high speed internet, has installed new 4G stations in Ganja, Barda, Shamkir and Lankaran in addition to Baku and Absheron peninsula. As a result, Azercell became the first mobile operator to bring LTE service to the regions. The users of 4G internet provided by Azercell, the largest LTE network provider in the country, have increased three-fold in 2017 while the volume of mobile internet usage increased by 50 percent.

Notably, unbelievable high speed internet provided by 4G network provides for better usage of mobile TV, video-conference, online and various programs offered via internet. 
Azercell Telecom will continue its activities aimed to provide subscribers with high speed mobile internet.


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