How can citizens benefit from mandatory health insurance? - Details


April 5, Fineko/ From 1 April the Azerbaijani population officially registered in the cities of Baku and Sumgait, Absheron district, will use 2,550 medical services included in the envelope of mandatory health insurance services.

With this purpose, preparatory work is ongoing in the state medical institutions operating within the MHI in these territories. However, some still are not aware of what will be included in their package of services, what medical services they can receive.

We spoke with Professor of Medicine Adil Geybulla to find out all the details on the matter.

The professor informed ABC.AZ that the MHI is an important element, a special type of social assistance.

According to Geybulla, MHI barely covers a specific package of services, which also indicates which patient can benefit from diagnosis and surgery:

"Speech is not just about the polyclinic. The patient should be referred to the clinic where he/she has applied or where his/her treatment is possible. The fact is that, unfortunately, educational work is not enough, and people do not know where to apply, as we still do not have the institute of a family doctor. District doctors also leave much to be desired.

Currently, the institution of a family doctor should be created to direct the citizen to insurance. At the moment, people are forced to apply to polyclinics at their place of residence. Or the emergency departments of the hospitals in the place of residence should solve this issue. And people have to sign up there in the queue. Only emergency care should be taken out of the queue, and all other scheduled operations, diagnostic methods should be recorded in the queue. A citizen in the queue comes to the clinic for an examination, is diagnosed and uses some methods of treatment within the necessary package. It's just a first experience. In fact, the introduction of MHI is very important, as we cannot apply it for a long time due to the pandemic. In addition, when applied, of course, there will be certain disadvantages. And they should be eliminated slowly,” Geybulla emphasized.

By Elmir Murad