President: Azerbaijan develops rapidly, demand grows, population increases


April 5, Fineko/abc.az. We are now taking practical steps to ensure the food safety.

ABC.AZ reports that President Ilham Aliyev said this while receiving Zaur Mikayilov in a video format in connection with his appointment to the post of the chairman of Azerbaijan Melioration & Water Management Company.

He noted that the opportunities of Azerbaijan, the excellent climate, the presence of several climatic zones allow us to grow a lot of products in Azerbaijan.

"The increase in productivity will certainly give an even greater boost to this work. We must take into account that the Azerbaijani state is rapidly developing, demand is growing, and the population is increasing. If during the collapse of the Soviet Union the population of Azerbaijan was 7 million people, today it is numbering more than 10 million ones. Consequently, consumption is growing. Agriculture, of course, occupies a special place in the non-oil sector in order to ensure domestic consumption and increase our export opportunities. Naturally, we cannot speak of any success without carrying out irrigation and organizing work in this area in the right direction. In connection with the achievements achieved, we can say a lot, I only outlined the main points," the president emphasized.