Ilham Aliyev: Every liter of water counts even in developed countries


April 5, Fineko/abc.az. The development of land reclamation is another manifestation of the State's concern for the private sector. As the State undertakes all the costs so that farmers and peasants get the best harvest, create the best conditions for themselves, so that their standard of living increases.

ABC.AZ reports that President Ilham Aliyev stated this during the video-format reception in connection with the appointment of Zaur Mikayilov to the post of the chairman of Azerbaijan Melioration & Water Management Company.

"Given that in the field of agriculture, farmers are exempt from all taxes, except for land, the development of this sphere, first of all, serves to improve the living conditions of people. This is already perceived in Azerbaijan as a kind of social sphere. But in developed countries, every liter of water counts, water meters are installed everywhere, records are kept correctly, and from the very beginning, it is calculated what result will be received in return for the investment. This should be the case with us," President Aliyev said.