Flow of tourists arriving in Azerbaijan grows by 12% throughout a year


March 9, Fineko/abc.az. The number of foreign citizens arriving in Azerbaijan has grown.

According to sources in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan, in January-February the country was visited by 352,074 foreigners, including 185,913 in January and 166,161 in February.

"Most foreigners were coming from Russia (103,245 people), Georgia (87,649), Turkey (48,657), Iran (28,111), UAE (13,064) and 71,238 from other countries. Tourists from Russia constituted 29.3%, from Georgia - 24.8%, Turkey - 13.8% and Iran - 7.9% of total flow," the message says.

In January-February 2017 the country saw 313,418 foreigners, including 159,262 in January and 154,156 in February. The flow of foreigners arriving in the country grew by 12.3% or 38,656 people throughout a year.



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