Azerbaijan Covid-19 Emergency Response Project to be approved in September


May 5, Fineko/ World Bank's Azerbaijan Covid-19 Emergency Response Project, designed to reveal, prevent and respond to threats caused by Covid-19 pandemic in Azerbaijan, will be approved by the Bank's Board of Directors on 6 September.

According to the WB, it is expected that the project will not be an investment and will be in the nature of analytical assistance. The cost of the project under consideration is indicated in the amount of US $95 million, and all this amount is included in the bank's obligations.

Currently, three more unapproved projects of the WB are being prepared in the country. One of the projects is Regional Communications & Development Project (improvement of Salyan-Bilasuvar road). The WB will allocate $65 million for this project to be endorsed on 20 May. Another one is Azerbaijan Railways & Logistics Modernization Program, aimed at improving the logistics of railways and cargo transportation in the country.  The WB will allocate $400 million for it. The last project is National Solid Waste Management Project, aimed at improving the quality and availability of waste management services in certain regions of the country, in the amount of $117 million (indicative amount allocated by the bank).