Yagut Garayeva: Some hospitals close, and this is good news


May 20, Fineko/abc.az. Some of our pandemic hospitals have been closing lately due to declining patient numbers, and this is good news.

ABC.AZ reports that TƏBIB department head Yagut Garayeva stated about this in a broadcast on TV channel AzTV.

Garayeva says that in this regard, today there are serious discussions of decisions that citizens are looking forward to.

"Everyone should understand that vaccination is very important. It is expected that in the coming days we will announce the abolition of the use of masks in the open air, as well as the use of public transport. Specific decisions will be announced. "

Garayeva also noted that today there is an opinion that if people who have suffered from the disease are subsequently vaccinated, then their immunity will be more long-term and stable.